How I re-branded Crafty Penguin

It has taken me over 6 months to re-brand Crafty Penguin, but it's finally done. I wanted to share with you more about my re-branding journey and why I chose to re-brand.

Graphic Design - Learning and developing skills

Laptop and drawing tablet with the new Crafty Penguin branding
My workspace featuring the new Crafty Penguin branding

Over the last year or so I have been thinking about how to develop Crafty Penguin. Moving forward I want to grow Crafty Penguin in to a Graphic Design business. I want to work with small businesses and individuals, whether you're based in Sheffield like Crafty Penguin or further a field.

I have a background in design and have spent lots of time developing my skills and learning various software since I started Crafty Penguin back in 2018. The outlook for Crafty Penguin then was very different from what it is today. It started out as a way for me to regain my creativity and it began with drawing penguins.

Now I feel is the right time to take the leap and think seriously about the future of Crafty Penguin. With a change in my outlook, which would impact my target audience I felt I needed to re-brand to a more professional aesthetic and appeal to the right audience.

Branding - New colour and logo

The new Crafty Penguin logo featuring a penguin outline and the brand name
The new Crafty Penguin logo

I wanted to have a more sophisticated and professional looking brand. I spent lots of time deciding whether or not to change my brand name, but I have kept this. I felt that a lot of people know me for Crafty Penguin, therefore I thought it would be hard to build up that trust from scratch again, when I already have a brand people are familiar with.

The colours and logo have changed. I have completed the whole re-branding of my brand myself. I made the decisions on my colour scheme and created a brand board to help me visualise it all together.

A marketing book and a cup of coffee
Reading and learning more about marketing

Website - Learning more about SEO and marketing

Along side the logo and colour scheme my website has had a makeover too. Branding is about far more than just a logo and I wanted everything related to my brand to work together. I spent lots of time reading and learning about SEO as well as marketing to help me with my website. I also worked on the design of the website to make it a much better experience for visitors.

Mugs on my desk getting them ready to be printed
Creating mugs for a small business

Small Business - Working together and providing design services

With the re-brand and new focus for my business. I'm forward looking to working with more individuals and small businesses to enhance their branding, products and design services.

If you need help with graphic design and printing for your business find out more more about the design services Crafty Penguin can offer you. Crafty Penguin has already worked with many small businesses and continues to do so.

The type of work that Crafty Penguin has done with small business so far is:

- Printed photographers photographs on to mugs.

- Printed tote bags with an artists illustrations.

- Created logos for small businesses.

- Cut and printed vinyl for signage.

- Designed a DVD cover for a theatre group.

Other examples of my work can be found in my portfolio.

If you want to find out more about my re-branding journey you can watch my You Tube video as I documented the processes I went through.

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