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Design and Printing Services for Your Business

  • Crafty Penguin is a  design and printing business based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in the UK.

  • Crafty Penguin is run by myself, Louise. 

  • I love to work with other small business and work with them on their branding and marketing.

  • Crafty Penguin can offer a range of designing and printing services.

  • If you are a small business contact Crafty Penguin to see how I can help you.

Design and Printing Services

At Crafty Penguin I can provide services for you in 4 key areas.

  • Illustration

  • Design

  • Print 

  • Photo Editing

If you are interested in any of these services contact me for further information should you require it and quotes on the services.

Crafty Penguin Workspace
  • Icons

  • Vectors

  • Characters

  • Cards

illustration - of a bee both in a sketchbook and on a laptop screen.



  • Business Branding

  • Logos

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Posters/Flyers

Digital design of a camera illustration with the words Life Through A Lens.


  • Mugs

  • Coasters

  • T-shirts

  • Badges

Badge making machine with a pink badge with a hedgehog.

Photo Editing

  • Retouching

  • Background Removal

  • Image enhancement

  • Colour changing

Photo editing - Camera with microphone attached.


Do you need an illustration creating for  your business? Crafty Penguin can you help you. 

  • Illustrations can be created digitally and also hand drawn should you require.

  • When digital illustrations are created they often start as a sketch in a sketchbook.

  • Illustrations can be cartoon like or life like.

  • Digital illustrations are created in Adobe Illustrator.

  • Digital illustrations can be freehand drawn using a drawing tablet or created as a vector design.

  • Crafty Penguin can also print our illustrations on to various products in house or we can arrange for them to be printed externally where this isn't available.


Do you need design services for  your business? Crafty Penguin can you help you. 

  • Crafty Penguin can create a range of graphic design services for your business.

  • Do you need branding for you business? I can create logos, social media banners and icons.

  • Do you need posters, flyers and other print media designing? Crafty Penguin can do this for your business.

  • Are you wanting business cards designing. I can also design these for you.

  • Crafty Penguin can create a graphic design package tailored to your business needs.

  • Crafty Penguin can also print our graphic design work on to various products in house or we can arrange for them to be printed externally where this isn't available.

  • Graphic Design work is created using a combination of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


Do you need printing services for  your business? Crafty Penguin can you help you. 

  • At Crafty Penguin I can print various products for your business in house.

  • Do you need mugs or coasters for an event or to have your designs or photos printed on them.? Crafty Penguin can sublimation print these products for you.

  • Do you dream of having quality screen printed T-shirts or totebags for your business.? I can create the screens and print the products for you.

  • Would badges help promote your business or event? Crafty Penguin can produce these for you

  • Do stickers get used in your packing for your products? i can create these for you too.

  • Are tote bags a great way to engage with your customers? Crafty Penguin can heat transfer designs to be printed on them for you.

  • Crafty Penguin uses a combination of tools to create our products. Including, a flat bed heat press, a mug heat press, badge maker and a Silhouette Cameo.

Photo Editing

Do you need photo editing for  your business? Crafty Penguin can you help you. 

  • Do you struggle to create high quality images for use in your business? Crafty Penguin can help you with our photo editing services.

  • Do you need images enhancing so that they look exposed correctly? I can help you.

  • Do you need objects cutting out from images or backgrounds removing. At Crafty Penguin this is possible.

  • Would it be great to change the colour of products? This can be done here at Crafty Penguin.

  • Do you need images retouching and improving? I can do this for you too.

  • Crafty Penguin can help you create high quality images from your photos to help you in your business and marketing.

  • If you need more ineteresting images with artistic flair, this can also be done with iamge editing.

  • For photo editing I use Adobe Photoshop for the images,and Camera Raw (if you supply Raw images and Adobe Bridge to help with the image file management.

Hand with pencil and drawing of a bee in sketchbook.
Logo for One Stitches Three. Blue circle, pink ellipses. Stitching around circle and sewing needle.
Flat bed heat press. Coaster with rainbow design..
Photo manipulation image of a person mixed with the skyline of Toronto. Maple leaf top right corner.

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