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About Crafty Penguin

Illustrate -Design - Print

  • Hello and welcome to Crafty Penguin. A small business run by myself, Louise and based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the UK.

  • The business focuses on illustration, graphic design and printing needs for small businesses and individuals.

  • At Crafty Penguin customer service and satisfaction is central to my values.

  • Crafty Penguin was born in 2018. It was formed to help  my creativity and well being. Being creative, drawing and designing has always been something I have enjoyed since childhood.

  • The desire to do something I am passionate about and create a business has been an ambition and with the emergence of Crafty Penguin, the dream of my running my own design business.

  • I have had formal education in many areas surrounding my business dreams, including a Degree in Media Production and a Masters in Design Education.

Illustration Inspiration

Why did I choose my business name?

  • So why do penguins feature so heavily in my illustrations?


  • Ever since I was young and I use to go ice skating with my Dad, I have had a love of penguins, as it was the local skating clubs mascot. It also turned out I could drew them too!

  • In the early days of my idea for a business I created an illustrated penguin who be became name 'Crafty Penguin'. This was due to the characters personality, which as crafty and he was a penguin, so the name was chosen. You can find all of the products featuring my character in my online shop.

  • Since my initial character creation my business is constantly evolving. I am always ;learning new skills to grow my business to improve and offer better opportunities to my clients and myself.

Crafty Penguin illustration. Penguin on the beach eating ice cream, wearing sun glasses and shorts.
Lifestyle photo of desk with laptop showing Crafty Penguin logo.


Enquiries about Design Services

To find out how Crafty Penguin can help you and your small business visit my design services page. You can also see examples of my work and projects with which I have been involved in my portfolio.

If you would like any further information send me an email at or message me on social media. and I'll do my best to help you.

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