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Click on the icons below to link to Crafty Penguins Etsy shop and social media pages. 

Etsy Logo
  • In Crafty Penguin's Etsy shop, you can buy all the latest Crafty Penguin products. These include, mugs and coasters, T-shirts and key rings to name a few. 

  • You can order custom designs for printing onto mugs and T-shirts.

  • You can have a photo printed onto a product to create a unique gift.

  • There are also a whole host of other unique designs and illustrations that you can purchase on mugs, coasters and T-shirts featuring other designs by myself. All the designs on the products are designed by myself here at Crafty Penguin.

  • If you love what you purchase in my Etsy shop, leave a review and let me know. It's always lovely to hear what you think.

Facebook Logo
  • Crafty Penguin's Facebook page is the best place to get in contact with me on social media.  You can comment on my posts or leave me a direct message with any questions you might have. I always try and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • You can find out more information about my illustration, design and printing services. If you can't find what you're looking for message me and ask. I will do my best to help you.

  • The Facebook page is where you will see all my latest designs be they Crafty Penguin or other designs.

  • I share all the latest news on my Facebook page. You can find out what is happening at Crafty Penguin, what I am working on and information about designs and printing.

  • There is also a weekly Saturday Social on the Crafty Penguin Facebook page. This allows small business to come together and share their businesses and make new contacts. It is always nice to see new people take part.

Instagram Logo
  • The Crafty Penguin Instagram page is updated regularly with the latest images sharing what is happening at Crafty Penguin.

  • New products are showcased on the Instagram page. See the latest illustrations, designs and printed products.

  • I often share images of other related things I get up to with regards to design, so keep popping over to have a look. Sometimes I share skills I'm learning or books I'm reading.

  • A lot of my design work is shown on the Crafty Penguin Instagram page so you can see what I design and how I create it. I share pages from my sketchbook and work in progress. So you get to see behind the scenes as well.

Twitter Logo
  • The Crafty Penguin Twitter feed is also regularly updated. It is a good place to see what is going on at Crafty Penguin.

  • Events that Crafty Penguin is taking part in or attending are often advertised on Twitter.

  • New products are also showcased on the Twitter feed showing new designs, illustrations and printed products.