Diamor Jewellery

Diamor is a new on-line jewellery store. They provided the image of the ring to edit and create an interesting post for social media. To also edit together a short
promotional video of the product.


Software used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro.

Image of a diamond ring with a faded shadow cast underneath.
Image of 3 diamond rings. all staggered behind each other, slowly fading.
Pinterst pin for Diamor Jewellery. Showing the diamond ring,centre as a new arrival to the shop.

The challenge with this brief was that I was only provided with one image of a ring from the client.

I used the colors of their brand from their website and created an layered effect in Photoshop with the ring to make the image more aesthetically pleasing.

Instagram post showing the diamond ring inside a circle. the words As unique as you are, above it.