Sunnyside Soup Kitchen

Sunnyside Soup Kitchen is a non profit soup kitchen in South Africa. To create a logo design for the charity who were currently using a temporary logo created in Canva. The logo is to be used on their website.

The colour scheme and font was chosen already by the charity as they were using the font on the logo they had created in Canva and the green was already in use on their website. Therefore, I incorporated these into my design as required. The idea of the hand and bowl was developed into 2 hands and then colour added as well as shading to give the logo depth and warmth.

Software used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Sheet of development ideas for Sunnyside Soup Kitchen logo. From outline to a coloured design.
Laptop screen with a dark green background and the Sunnyside Soup Kitchen logo.
Sunnyside Soup Kitchen logo on green headed paper.
Sunnyside Soup Kitchen logo on grey headed paper.
Sunnyside Soup Kitchen logo on light green headed paper.

“Thank you for caring about a cause 13,115 km away. Thank you for the beautiful and thoughtful logo you designed for our organization and thank you for your service to help us fight against hunger and homelessness. Because of you our organisation will be well represented and our mission furthered. You made a difference today!.”