Cute penguin, Hawaiian shirt, mug


The Crafty Penguin Hawaiian design mug is perfect for that relaxing warm drink. The 11 oz white mug feature the Crafty Penguin gamer design on one side with the Crafty Penguin logo on the other. The mug is great for a nice warm cuppa, whether it be tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The design features Crafty Penguin playing on his games console.


Washing Instructions
Hand washing will prolong the print quality of the design on the mug. The mug can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but excessive use will cause the print to fade over time.


Further suggestions
If there is something that you would like creating and can’t find in my shop and you feel, that I may be able to help with then please send me a message. Many products in my shop have come from customer enquiries.


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Sublimation printing
Sublimation printing is a great way of transferring high quality images on to various products. I use this form of printing for lots of my products.  Essentially it works by bringing the ink and the material together as one. This is done by adding heat to the paper that the print is on and the product on which it is being printed. The print is then permanently transferred onto the material.

Cute penguin, Hawaiian shirt, mug

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