Self care penguins, mindfulness, gift box


The self care penguin gift box contains all items from the self care penguin collection. 


This gift box contains - All items (including all 6 pin badges). £29.99


Self Care Penguin Cards
These self care penguin cards are all about self care and looking after yourself and those around you. It is particularly prevalent at the moment in the current situation that many people find themselves in. Looking after your metal health is now more important than ever. The cards have prompts o help remind us to take care of ourselves and others. It would be a great gift to yourself as a reminder to look after yourself or as a gift for a loved one to show them that you care about their well being.
The cards feature 6 different penguin designs. Each card has a different penguin and message. The penguins relate to 6 areas of self care. These include, love, water, nature, reading, creativity and sleep.
Each card is 98mm x 62mm. There are 6 cards in the pack. Each card is printed on high quality 250 gsm card.


Self Care Penguin Print
This self care penguin art print is about se