Unicorns and Igloos!

Crafty Penguin has been extremely busy behind the scenes during the last week or so. There has been so much going on that I am so happy to share with you all now. Today, I have updated the shop section of the website with all the new designs and products.

The first item I want to share with you is my Crafty Penguin Igloo. Yes you heard me right! We've all heard about fairy doors, well Igloos are the next big thing in the Crafty Penguin World.

These can be cutomised with your chosen name.
Crafty Penguin Igloo
The Crafty Penguin Igloo is the first of my ideas to come to fruition for my Christmas items. The Crafty Penguin Igloo is available to order in the shop. They are available in two colour options, silver and blue or red and gold. They can also be customised with your choice of name on the sign on the igloo door. This could be your first name or your family name. I am so happy with how these have turned out. I always love it when my ideas turn out how I planned, in reality! I would love to give a massive shout out to Hobbilicious who helped with making my idea a reality. I sent them a drawing of what I wanted with the sizes and they laser cut the MDF pieces for me. I cannot thank them enough for all their help. There's still more to come from my designs that I've sent to Hobbilicious. So keep following Crafty Penguin on social media for regular updates. You can also follow Hobbilicious on Instagram @sales.hobbilicious and on Facebook @Hobbilicious.
Unicorn and Ice Cream design on Children's aprons
Crafty Penguin Children's Aprons

Another product added to the Crafty Penguin shop this week are these lovely Crafty Penguin Children's Aprons. They are available in all Crafty Penguin designs. I only have a few in stock, so get yours while they last. If they're successful I'm more than happy to create more.They are made from 100% polyester and are machine washable. They are great for keeping your kids clean during arts and crafts activities, or perhaps undertaking some baking. I'm sure they'll be helpful for all of you that are parents, they'll help keep your kids cleaner over the summer holidays, as you keep them entertained.
Full range of key rings available
Crafty Penguin key rings

The final new product in store this week are these Crafty Penguin design key rings. They have a Crafty Penguin design on the front and the Crafty Penguin logo on the back. They are currently available in the shop in all designs.

This past week has also been a busy one on the designing front with 3 new designs added to the shop. These are the unicorn, rainy day and cycling design. The cycling design was another design suggested to me at one of the events I attended last month. So if you were after a cycling Crafty Penguin here it is! All 3 designs can be seen in the gallery alongside all Crafty Penguin designs.

A massive thank you this week to OglDoll who has created this absolutely amazing penguin in Kawaii style for me. It is super cute and I love it! Emma is an extremely talented lady who creates some super cute designs. I asked her if she could create a penguin for me and she was fantastic and I can't thank her enough. Needless to say that the custom pieces is framed on the wall in the studio (back bedroom!!). If you want a custom design or are interested in her designs follow her on Facebook.

Finally this week I would love to share with you another small business. Sunshine and Poppies, another Sheffield based craft business. It is run by Katie who creates amazing photos of Sheffield and Yorkshire, among other things. She is very talented and puts her photographs on to cards and mugs. You can buy her work on Etsy or follow her on Instagram @sunshineandpoppies.

Henderson's Mug
Sunshine and Poppies

Here's her Henderson's Mug. This has to be my favourite. You can't be from Sheffield and not like Henderson's Relish. Personally I love it!

Well that's it for now, you're all up to date.

More designs are on the way and more new Christmas products. So keep following Crafty Penguin on social media.





Crafty Penguin

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