The first order has arrived. Eek!

So this week has been another busy one for Crafty Penguin. 3 new designs have been added to the website available on 4x6 prints and mugs. As if that wasn't exciting enough. Crafty Penguin has had its first order. This is all so exciting!!

Thanks again to everyone for their support of Crafty Penguin over the last couple of weeks.

So this morning I have printed off my first order from the Crafty Penguin shop. Two Crafty Penguin ice hockey mugs in blue. I hope my customer likes them as much as I do. I think they look fab. What do you think?

First order. Two Crafty Penguin ice hockey mugs in blue.

This week I have also been busy creating 3 more designs to go onto the website for you all to buy. All 3 are now available in the shop Take a look and see what takes your fancy. This weeks new designs are a golfing penguin and an ice hockey penguin available in two colours.

Well the second week of Crafty Penguin has gone well, hopefully more exciting things to come in week 3. Keep checking back to the website and on social media to see what is happening. Oh and don't forget to keep reading the blog for the latest news.

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