The calm after the storm

Wow the end of 2018 was amazing! A massive thank you to every one of you that supported Crafty Penguin last year.

November and the start of December were crazy and very busy. Crafty Penguin was on the road with stalls every weekend. Although it was a super busy time it was also very enjoyable. Over this short space of time I met so many lovely people, who all had wonderful things to say about Crafty Penguin. Somehow my penguins managed to put a smile on everyone's face who came and visited my stall.

St Saviour's Church, High Green - Autumn Fayre

This was the beginning of a busy couple of months for Crafty Penguin with lots of stalls in the run up to Christmas. On November 3rd Crafty Penguin ventured to St Saviour's Church Hall in High Green for a small Autumn Fayre.

This was a small event but well attended by locals from the village and saw my first order taken for a Crafty Penguin Christmas T-shirt. The lady who bought it was really happy with it. Thank you!!

Great time and fun on small table and chairs!
Crafty Penguin all set up at Bolehill Nursery, Walkley

Bolehill Nursery, Walkley - Autumn Fayre

This was a great little event and the organisers were very accommodating. It was only for a couple of hours but had a lovely atmosphere.

I had a lovely few hours sitting on the small chairs and giving out Crafty Penguin stickers.

The chairs and tables were low to the ground as it was at a nursery, so they are the perfect size for their usual clientele, just in case you were wondering. They don't have them designed for adults!

I must also mention the lovely lady who had a cake stall. Her Gin and Tonic cake was absolutely amazing! I have to admit it didn't last very long.

Sitwell Arms, Renishaw - Christmas Market

Meeting celebrities!
Crafty meets Mickey and Minnie Mouse

This event was very busy and even some celebrities visited the Christmas Market. Mickey and Minnie Mouse came for a look at crafty Penguins stall whilst doing their rounds wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

I also took along my friend when I attended this event. I took her with me to film what I was doing on the day to make me a promotional video. She made me an amazing short video that you can watch on my Facebook page. Massive thanks Rachel. You can follow her on Instagram and see what kind of other crazy videos shes been filming and editing. She also has a