Networking and New Products.


There has been a lot going on behind the scenes again in the past week at Crafty Penguin. The week started with lots of networking on social media. Crafty Penguin was spreading its wings and finding new friends and businesses. The weekend saw the growth of the Crafty Penguin Facebook page following as well as Instagram.

Later in the week Crafty Penguin ventured out into the city to network with other creative people, makers and designers to name a few at the Roco x Guild MAKE TIME Event.

New Products

New deliveries arrived at Crafty Penguin this week leading to new products now being available in the store. It was a busy week testing materials and designing products to get them to the high quality that I am now happy with.

Social Media Networking

Crafty Penguin completed the Craftsposure 5 min Instagram growth 5 day challenge and saw followers grow. The past week has seen a great increase in followers from the tricks and tips learnt on the course. As I write this Crafty Penguin has 239 followers, which has more than doubled in the past week. If your not already following on Instagram search for craftypenguin2018 and see whats happening.

The results of the Crafty Penguin Craftsposure 5 day Instagram challenge
Crafty Penguin Instagram followers

Crafty Penguin also spent time spreading the Instagram link in the craft groups on Facebook and exploring other creative Instagram pages. There are some amazing products being made out there in the crafting, making and designing community. Its was great to hear what fellow crafters thought of Crafty Penguin products with lots of love and likes on the Crafty Penguin page and likes on Instagram.

Whilst networking Crafty Penguin found one designer that really stood out and made such an impact that a product had to be purchased. Emma Hodgson the designer and maker of Ogl Doll is extremely talented. She creates beautiful and colourful illustrations. The purchase arrived to day in the post and I absolutely love it, it is a narwhal design on a badge. Take a look for yourself and see, I think its fab.

Ogl Doll narwahl badge

Roco x Guild MAKE TIME

On Thursday evening Crafty Penguin ventured out into the city to attend the Roco x Guild MAKE TIME event at Roco in Sheffield. Not quite knowing what to expect, the evening was great. A fantastic evening of talks from people in the creative industries and chatting with fellow designers and makers. The evening was very interesting and informative. They run every month so if your creative get yourself along and spread the creative talents.

Whilst there Crafty Penguin spoke with people from all areas of the creative industry from a children's bed designer and maker, to a laser cutter and animator. It was so refreshing to talk to other creative people about what they were doing, what they design/make and their businesses.

There were speakers on the evening talking about their careers in various creative industries but the one that was most interesting to Crafty Penguin was Melodie from Roll Studio. She was very inspiring and was a lovely person to chat with about the design industry.

Speakers at the Roco x Guild MAKE TIME event

New Products

Back at Crafty Penguin new products were the focus of the week. Deliveries arrived of coasters and tote bags. After experimenting with heat press settings and layouts these are now available to buy in the Crafty Penguin shop. Get yours at