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October has been fairly quiet on the road for Crafty Penguin. Since my last post I have had two stalls with opportunities to meet more lovely customers and fellow crafters. This month has seen lots of new designs and ideas come to fruition.

So what as the word Mum got to do with it all... Well at present my Mum appears to be my biggest fan. It is important when setting up and trying to run your own business to have your family and friends on board and supporting your vision. However, this past month my Mum has helped run my stall and appears to after the role of marketing manager!

Crafty Penguins stall at the Vintage and Craft Market

Vintage and Craft Market

At the end of September I returned to St Mary's Church Bramall Lane for their Vintage and Craft Market. My Mum came along to help me run my stall for the day. She was great at chatting to the customers and encouraging them to come and have a look at my stall. She was the one wearing the Craft Penguin Hiking designT-shirt.

Camper van jewellery

For once I managed to not spend too much money on other crafters products. This seems to be an issue for me at events as there are always so many lovely products created by other faulous designers and makers. However, I didn't manage to keep my hands in my pocket completely as the Craftevan found my weakness. I ended up buying some jewellery from her stall. She makes quirky earrings and rings among other items. I was taken by these camper van earrings and ring.

The Peveril Centre, Castleton

My next stall was out in the Peak District at the Peveril Centre in Castleton. I was really looking forward to this trip out with my business, but I think the weather had other ideas. It was a horrible, rainy and miserable day. It was such a shame. Tthe Peveril Centre is a lovely building on the edge of the village and once there I met some lovely fellow crafters. There was some amazing talent on display.

Peter Penguin

You might remember in a previous blog I introduced you to Peter Penguin. Well if you didn't here he is again just to remind you. The problem I had was that I couldn't remember the name of the lovely lady who I bought him from. This mystery was solved whilst I was at Castleton, as she also had a stall. So I would like to thank Julie Pilkington for creating this cute felt penguin that I adopted. She is a very talented artist. Have a look at her page on Instagram to she her fantastic work.

Another lovely lady that I got chatting to on the day made beautiful journals, scrapbooks and her own invention of busy bags. These are a fabulous idea for keeping all manner of items in, have a look for yourself and see what you think on her Facebook page at Sew Singular.

Crafty Penguin will be back in Castleton at the Peveril Centre on Saturday 17th November. It is also the day that the Christmas lights are being turned on in the village, so I'm hoping for a busy day. For more information about day visit the events page on Crafty Penguin website or take at look at the organisers website Valley Events.

Sheffield by The Yorkshire Print

Crafty Penguin as a customer

As well as having stalls at craft fairs I also like to go along as a customer and of course my Mum likes to join me too. I went along to a fair at the Elsecar Heritage Centre as I wanted to visit a stall of a friend of mine who I met many years ago before Crafty Penguin was born. I have been considering purchasing one of her prints for a while. Lauren runs The Yorkshire Print and has a had an extremely successful year with her business. She creates prints of the local Yorkshire area as well as some from further a field. Being born and bread in Sheffield, I decided to purchase her Sheffield Print. Have a look at her website The Yorkshire Print and see more of her fantastic designs.

PudGins Jam Roly Poly and Custard

Another couple of stalls that caught my eye on the day were PudGins and Timmins. PudGins are a Sheffield based Gin company that make Gins in the flavours of well known puddings. My favourite is the Jam Roly Poly and Custard Gin. It tastes just like the traditional pudding in a glass. Great for those cold winter evenings. I was recommended to try it with Cream Soda, I would definitely go along with this recommendation. Its awesome you can order your favourite on the PudGins website.

Timmins Rhubard and Custard Candle

Timmins make handmade candles. They have a whole range of scents that are truly divine. I spent ages smelling all the different ones, it was so difficult to try and decide which to buy. In the end I went for Rhubarb and Custard. The Rhubarb and Custard candle made my living room smell amazing. They also have some amazing Christmas scents as well in their range. Think I may have to buy another one in the run up to Christmas. Have a look at the Timmins website to see their full range of candles.

Crafty Penguin Tennis T-shirt

Custom Order

So this month I was challenged to create my first custom order. The marketing manager (Mum) was working her magic again. She told me how a friend of hers wondered if I could get Crafty Penguin playing tennis. Of course this wasn't a problem and I set about the task. The Crafty Penguin tennis design was created. What do you think? All that was left to do was to transfer the design on 3 children's T-shirts. Thankfully the lady was thrilled with her purchase and loved the design.

The marketing manager keeps continuing to ring me with orders and I even had to provide her with more flyers as she had run out from the previous lot I had given her.

Blue Love Design

Due to the popular demand of the Crafty Penguin Love design which was originally designed in pink, I decided to add a different colour. I chose to do the design in blue as I thought this would work really well on my Crafty Penguin baby grows as there would be a design for a baby boy or girl. The Crafty Penguin baby grows are now available in both Love colour schemes and the Unicorn design. You can buy them all online in the Crafty Penguin shop.

Crafty Penguin Halloween design


As its almost Halloween the Crafty Penguin Halloween design is available on most products in the shop. The design itself is also available to purchase as a digital download, so you can print it off yourself and use it to decorate your house or for your Halloween parties. From now until Halloween there is also an offer running on the Crafty Penguin online shop where if you spend over £5 you receive 10% off.

Halloween Offer

Crafty Penguin has a busy few weeks in the run up to Christmas with lots of stalls. I will be out and about the place so come along and say hello. To find out where check out the events page on the website.

There's also more Christmas themed designs and products to come. So keep following on social media to see whats happening.

Crafty Penguin

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