Kicking off Crafty Penguin T-shirts!

So it's taken a while, but the Crafty Penguin t-shirts are now available to buy in the shop It has taken a few weeks to work out how to get them to a print quality I am happy with and I have had a few issues with printing them.

All t-shirts are individually printed by myself and a trusty heat press. I do not out source the printing of my items. I create the designs and then add them to the t-shirts all by myself, they are truly handmade. So I can guarantee the quality of each individual item.

Th t-shirts are all white crew neck ones, they are available in all Crafty Penguin designs and in sizes from small to XXL. So there are plenty of options to choose from. As more designs become available they will be added to the t-shirt options. So keep checking back to for all the latest designs.

As this week is the start of the football world cup in Russia the first images I have added of my t-shirts is the Crafty Penguin World Cup Football design. The design shows Crafty Penguin supporting my home nation of England. If you would like to see Crafty Penguin sporting a different nations strip, leave me a message on any social media platform or drop me an email and I'll see what I can do.

Crafty Penguin World Cup Design

The Crafty Penguin Football World Cup design is also available as a 4x6 print, mouse-mat or mug. So there's plenty of options to choose from.

Craft Penguin Football World Cup Mug

Lets hope for another England win in the football world cup!


Crafty Penguin

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