Fun in the Sun

Well the weather has been beautiful over the last few weeks here in the UK. In true British style that's the first thing to discuss in the blog! Whilst the sun has been shining, my blog has been neglected, but don't worry there's lots to talk about.

With the beautiful weather Crafty Penguin has been out and about spreading its wings and meeting lovely customers and selling products in the fields at local galas and festivals.

Stall Planning

Obviously there has been lots of planning gone into Crafty Penguins first ever stall last weekend. And things were don't by halves with events on both days. I have been busy searching charity shops, eBay and other second selling websites to collect items for my stall. I even raided my Mum's cupboards!

After two weeks of searching I managed to collect all the items I was looking for to prepare for my stall. Everything needed to be painted and designed to fit my colour scheme for Crafty Penguin.

So with paint brush in hand and a tin of blue paint I set about getting everything ready. Up-cycling shelves and an old school chair all to make my stall look like the vision I had in my mind.

The image shows the Crafty Penguin Ice Cream design.
Crafty Penguin design displayed on a mini easel.

One other purchase that I really liked are these mini easels. They are perfect for showcasing designs on my stall. What do you think?

Once the storage was sorted my next job was to sort out the branding on my stall and I designed a banner, poster and flyers. All designed by myself but due to the size and quantity I had them printed by Vistaprint, who did and excellent job and were fast to deliver them.

Craft Penguin banner, poster and flyers.
Crafty Penguin branding

Of course being crafty I wanted to add a little more to my stall than the commercially printed items. I decided to make Crafty Penguin bunting! I am really pleased with how it turned out. I even managed to get material to fit beautifully with my colour scheme.

Handmade Crafty Penguin bunting.
The making of Crafty Penguin bunting.

Preparing Products

Once all elements of the stall were ready, my next job was to focus on my products to sell. I spent the week before my first events busy printing. My room was covered with T-shirts, tote bags, mugs and coasters. There was however, still one product that I really wanted for my stall but I would have needed to invest in a machine to do myself. I wanted to have small pin badges. To solve this problem I took to the craft pages/groups on Facebook and was recommended a lovely lady Sarah Badger, who runs The Artful Badger. She was more than happy to put my Crafty Penguin designs onto 25mm pin badges for me. She did a fantastic job of creating the pin badges and they are awesome. I would recommend her if you want any custom pin badges. Also checkout her Etsy page with lots of her own unique badge designs or find her on Facebook at

Account and order books designed by Purposeful Planning
Crafty Penguin Account and Order books

With all my products ready there was one last but of preparation. I need to be able to keep my accounts and orders in check. For this I found another business to provide what I needed. Purposeful Planning created me an account and order book customised with the Crafty Penguin logo. One again I was happy with my products and Crafty Penguin was all set for its first outing at a village gala. To get your own customised book check out Purposeful Planning on Facebook at or on their own website they do all sorts of wonderful products not just account and order books.

The First Ever Stall

So last Saturday was Crafty Penguins first ever stall at an event and I am pleased to say it went really well. Crafty Penguin spent the day at Worrall Gala. I had a lovely day in the sunshine selling my products. I met some lovely customers who bought Crafty Penguin products and others who didn't buy but gave some wonderful comments about my designs. This was so lovely to hear first hand that people liked my designs and were happy to part with their hard earned to cash to buy Crafty Penguin products.

Crafty Penguin first ever stall
Crafty Penguin first ever stall

I also met some other lovely stall holders. I finally met Katie who runs another craft business Sunshine and Poppies. I had spoke to her on numerous occasions on social media, and she even recommended to attend the Worrall Gala. She takes lovely photos of the Sheffield and the Yorkshire area and sells them on mugs and magnets. Have a look at her page on Instagram at

The two young men on the stall next to myself were great and they sell Brad Fudge. This went down a treat on the day and they even bought Crafty Penguin mugs and t-shirts. Check them and their amazing fudge out on Instagram at

Stall number two

So after a successful day on Saturday Crafty Penguin headed to the Ridgeway Carnival on Sunday. Another hot day and more customers for Crafty Penguin. To keep cool ice cream was needed. If you were wondering it was very nice!!

Cooling down with an ice cream
Time for an ice cream.

Crafty Penguin is back out and about again at the weekend, at St Mary's Church, for the Great Upcycle Fete. Maybe see you there...

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