Crafty's first week

Well what a week it has been, the Crafty Penguin site was one week old at the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who has interacted with Crafty Penguin either by going on the website, the Facebook page or the Twitter or Instagram account. The website has had over 100 visitors in its first week, I can't believe it.

The feedback on social media has been positive with some lovely comments from family, friends, fellow crafters and other small businesses. If you have any comments on Crafty Penguin feel free to let me know.

I have lots more ideas for products to feature in the shop. I am currently working on 3 more Crafty Penguin designs. More to be revealed in the next few days. The sketchbooks are filling up thick and fast with new designs.

Sketchbooks filling up with ideas.

Over the weekend the Crafty Penguin business cards arrived. I am so happy with how they turned out. I did all the design of them myself and then had them printed by MOO. I can say they did a fantastic job. I absolutely love the way they have tuned out. Have a look and see what you think...

Crafty Penguin business cards.

Finally, over the weekend whilst enjoying the lovely British whether I ended up doing some drawing with my nephew. He kept asking me to draw things to see if he could copy them. His final challenge was to draw Crafty Penguin. He did an awesome job for a six year old. Think he might be after a job!!!!

Nephews drawing of Crafty Penguin.

Thanks again for being a part of Crafty Penguin from the very start. Keep checking back on the blog for regular updates.

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