Cake and Crafting

What could be a better combination, an evening of cake and crafting.

Last Wednesday night Crafty Penguin ventured out to Cocoa Wonderland on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Crafty Penguin was invited by Elaine who owns Craft Class, to attend her event at the quirky chocolate shop. I wasn't sure what to expect, but was I certainly in for a lovely surprise.

Craft Class business card
Craft Class business card

Elaine runs Craft Class, which is a small business that runs craft classes with a twist. The twist generally involves nice food and an alcoholic drink. In last weeks class it was cake and Prosecco. Her aim is to run her classes in different and quirky locations. She is also able to run classes for groups for hen parties etc, if people are interested.

The event last Wednesday evening was two and a half hours long. Plenty of time for a great crafting experience and a very enjoyable evening. For the event you didn't need to bring lots of equipment with you as Elaine provides it all for you. She has a great collection of crafting supplies, which she has collated. She certainly has a love for crafting, which is great to see. If you do have something specific you want to incorporate that isn't a problem, you are more than welcome to bring your own embellishments or photographs.

The table with all the crafting supplies.

The theme for the evening was scrap booking. This incorporates using lots of embellishments, paper crafting, textiles, photographs etc to create your own unique piece. During the evening we were given the opportunity to create an A3 size canvas board and a box frame.

If you struggle for inspirations when crafting there are always plenty of ideas on Pinterest, but the need for the use of social media is not a necessity. When at event like this one, the room is filled with others who have a range of crafty skills and abilities. They were more than happy to share their ideas and encourage your designs. So don't worry if your not the most creative person, everyone supports and inspires each other.

Elaine is very talented at what she does and brought along plenty of her own designs to inspire us. She uses a range of media in her designs and really shows the scope of possibilities available when scrap booking.

Everyone was very friendly and it was a lovely atmosphere, with lots of ideas shared. There was plenty of chatting throughout the evening as everyone moved around the room looking for the papers, buttons and other items they wanted to create their masterpieces.

Chocolate fudge cake

The table was full of lots of crafting supplies with everyone busy crafting away. Half way through the evening it was time for Prosecco and of course cake. However, finding room to fit all this on the table was very tricky!

There was a lovely choice of cake. Crafty Penguin chose the chocolate fudge cake. I have to admit it was absolutely delicious. The people at Cocoa Wonderland certainly know how to make great cake. I would definitely recommend it.

The quietest part of the evening was definitely when the cake arrived, as all the chatter paused. Always the sign of good food.

As the evening progressed so did the creativity. There were some great pieces created by everyone involved on the evening. Lots of different designs and ideas. Some people designed pieces for their own homes, whilst others created gifts for friends and family.

Crafty Penguins finished designs from the evening

Crafty Penguin decided to create a canvas to represent my business, with some small pictures of my penguin and a similar colour scheme that you are all familiar with.

The box frame, I created was in my Dad's favorite colour of purple and designed as a memory frame. I am going to find a photograph of him to put in the frame to complete it.

The present

Once everyone was finished we were all given a present as we left. This was very unexpected, but what a lovely thought. When I returned home I opened my present to reveal a pretty notebook and pencil.

It was lovely to meet Elaine and take part in her craft class. I would highly recommend going to one of her events in the future if you can. You can sign up to her events on her Facebook page @craftclassuk or follow her on Instagram @craftclassuk. I had a wonderful evening experiencing her event and talking to her about her business.

Also thank you to every one I met at the class as you all made it a very friendly and enjoyable experience. I really appreciated your supporting and it made for a wonderful the evening.

Thanks for inviting me along.

Crafty Penguin

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