About Me

“Design is the silent
ambassador of your brand”

Paul Rand

About Me online.jpg
4 photos showcasing Louise snowboarding and playing ice hockey, and the crafty penguin logo.


Hi, I’m Louise. I have grown up a creative 
person from being a young age. It all started with copying images of my favourite cartoon
characters when I was in junior school and making skateboards out of old worktops and wheels in the garage.

As well as a keen interest in design, I also have a passion for sport.

I enjoy ice hockey and snowboarding. Ice Hockey has been a huge part of my life from refereeing to playing and supporting my local team. Then learning to snowboard and enjoying holidays on the slopes.



I studied for a BA Hons in Media Production and then a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism.

I then furthered my studies with a PGCE in Design Technology and an MA in Design Education.

Aside from this I have studied courses on Graphic Design and Adobe Creative Cloud programs.

Louise outside in a field wearing a woolly hat and using the camera.